Our Clients

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We work with clients in the finance, legal, utility, transport and education sectors, but our techniques can be applied to the internal services of any organisation, such as: payroll; invoicing; payables; and recruitment.


Life Insurance

HdB Solutions worked with a leading Life Insurance company to design, implement and manage a process management solution.

We engaged with stakeholders across the organisation to understand their needs and requirements. We advised on a mapping standard and an appropriate technical solution, working with the vendors to test and implement the software. Using the Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) we worked with teams across the business to catalogue processes, train process authors and create end to end process maps.

Higher Education

HdB Solutions led several improvement projects in support functions which delivered both cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.

Our work focused on the Operating Model, Processes and Work Practices in several functions including Finance, Research Support and Timetabling. Working with Subject Matter Experts from within these teams we co-created and delivered a variety of practical and sustainable solutions including:

  • Payroll: Reduced workload and errors by automating manual process steps.

  • Receivables: Quicker cash collection through simplifying invoicing and payment processes

  • Room Booking: Increased utilisation of rooms through a new booking optimisation process

  • Grants: Increased quality and reduced duplication through standardised and simplified processes

General Insurance

HdB Solutions supported a self-taught change team who wanted to enhance their capability and work to a common standard using recognised methods.

We engaged the Claims Director and their Leadership Team to help them appreciate the benefits of Lean thinking. We scoped, created and delivered a bespoke seven-day training course tailored to help delegates solve operational problems likely to be faced in a General Insurance business. And we provided coaching and support for trainees as they applied their classroom learning to their first projects.

To date three cohorts of Managers and Change Leaders have been trained and the first group are currently preparing for accreditation to the ISO:18404 standard.


HdB Solutions was engaged to enhance the methods and capabilities of an existing change programme. This included establishing an Academy for learning and the assessment of existing deployments.

We worked with the programme Leadership Team to determine their requirements and engaged with team members and operational stakeholders to understand their needs. We built skills profiles and established a training programme, defined a set of standards for Operational best practice and implemented a method for assessing and providing feedback on the maturity of existing deployments.